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White Guilt

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[26 Dec 2005|09:27pm]

I am so glad to have found this community!

Okay, I've sort oh had this problem for a while now, and I'm not sure who to turn to. I think you guys might be able to help me out, though. You seem like a reasonable bunch of folks.

I am an African-American, and while I am proud of my heritage, I fing myself constantly embarrassed by the stupidity and poverty in which most other black people find themselves in this modern age in which racism simply doesn't exist!

As a result, I have become a very well-spoken, well-educated (I currently attend a prestigios preparatory school in North Carolina and have been accepted to Columbia University) member of the modern day bourgeoisie-- an "oreo", if you will. I mostly don't mind this at all. My inner white man is quite proud of the many advancements that the noble caucasian race has made to the world. But within me there is a conflict.

I, too, have begun to feel a profound sense of what can only be described as "white guilt" in the rare occassions that I am forced to assosciate with other members of my race. I daily benefit greatly simply from acting like the typical white man, but these people have yet to escape the after effects of the racism that still existed so very long ago. I would love to help my fellow...um...pigmentally-enriched contemporaries, but they scare the fuck out of me.

What can I do? Are my feelings misplaced?

Thanks so much, you guys! It's so great knowing that there are other folks out there who also pity those stupid monkeys!
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Only two members, and I am ONE. Guess I should post... [29 Oct 2005|11:04am]

I am aware that everything I am attracted to, spiritual paths, clothing, etc. originates with a community of color. Read more...Collapse )
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[15 May 2005|12:48am]
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Ok 1st post. Well I just created this community after seeing that there wasn't one here. I also created a white guilt group on Yahoo because there too there was none. In fact, there seem to be few people interested in this, and fewer who feel this way. So I guess this community won't have very many members. That's alright.
I have only felt this way, of hating my self because of my color, for a couple of years. It started when I started taking Sociology classes at my college. Looking back on the history of America and the world, I am disgusted. I am disgusted about how things are today, still rampant with racism and ethnocentrism. Yesterday it was slavery and Japanese internment camps, today it is anti-Arab sentiment, racial profiling, even homophobia (not race related), and shit the GOP has been doing. It is fucked up to hate someone because of one's skin color, hair color, the fucking temple in which one prays! Just stupid. And it is hard as a white to NOT feel ashamed because of this. And I don't know how other whites can not feel guilt or shame. I also do not understand those whites who are proud to be white, and/or are Aryan Nation. What the fuck are you proud of, morons?
As for myself, I am very ashamed. I refuse to date white men because I do not want to be seen as "the white chick who won't date outside her race". When white men ask me out I tell them I don't date white men. When friends comment on some white guy I say I am not attracted to white men. That isn't entirely true, there are hot white men, but again I don't want to be the white chick who won't date outside her race. Also, I absolutely refuse to procreate with a white man. I do not want my children to be white at all, and they won't be. You can call me ignorant, selfish, just plain stupid because, after all, I am white and whites rule the world. How can I possibly hate being ruler? That is why I hate being white.
If you agree with any of the statements above then please join. I hope I'm not alone, I hope there are others out there who feel white guilt and want to talk about it.

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